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Recommended Vaccinations / Procedures

DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo Virus, Para-influenza)

This vaccine helps protect your dog from upper respiratory infections and from Parvo which can be deadly to puppies and unvaccinated dogs.


Not only is this vaccine required by Indiana law but the prevalence of Rabies has been diminished due to diligent vaccination protocols.


If your dog is in an area where ticks are prevalent or is a working/hunting dog he/she is at risk to getting Lyme disease.


Mosquitoes transmit heartworms from animal to animal therefore all dogs are at risk.  If left undetected and untreated, heartworms can be fatal.

BORDETELLA (Kennel Cough)

This is an air-born virus that is transmitted from dog to dog in a kenneled type environment such as boarding or grooming. This virus can lead to pneumonia.

FECAL (Stool Sample)

There are types of intestinal parasites that animals can contract that monthly heartworm prevention will not take care of. These parasites can make your pet very sick if left untreated so it is best to check for them yearly.

SPAY (Female dogs and cats)

It is recommended to spay female dogs and cats before their first heat cycle. The more heat cycles an animal has, the risk of them developing mammary cancer (breast cancer) increases exponentially. If left intact, your furry female friend can also develop a pyometra which is an infection in the uterus. To treat a pyometra your dog/cat will need to be spayed while sick and full of infection.

NEUTER (Male dogs and cats)

If left intact, male dogs and cats may develop a habit of spraying urine in your house to mark their territory, and later in life can develop testicular cancer and an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate can make it difficult and painful to urinate and defecate. Pets are more likely to roam from home if left intact also.