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Feline Toileting Tips

Anxiety and insecurity are the main reasons for inappropriate elimination.  Stress and scent disturbances in the home environment are causes for anxiety and insecurity!

 Does your home have any of the following scent disturbances?

  • grocery/shopping bags in an open environment
  • baby strollers that have been used outdoors
  • shoes from family members/guest in an open environment
  • items that heat up and produce scents (ie: Glade plug-ins, potpourri, candles)

Does your home have any of the following stress disturbances?

  • new people living in home or new baby
  • construction/remodeling being done on house
  • rearranging of furniture (very disturbing to cat’s walking pattern)
  • overcrowding of cats (need one litter pan per cat plus one extra)
  • failing to give cat affection when cat anticipates it

Prevention/Treatment of anxiety & insecurities

  • DO NOT use plug-ins, potpourri, or candles
  • try to make sure the scent profile of your home stays the same
  • provide dry cat food in bowl at ALL TIMES and in different locations throughout the house
  • use a 3-dimensional space when feeding…cats like to be in high places
  • provide extra hideouts (ie: cardboard boxes placed on sides)
  • provide extra hideouts (ie: cardboard boxes placed on sides)
  • strategically placed beds in WARM locations throughout house (folded towels will not work)
  • provide petting and holding when cat desires attention
  • groom cat with cloth and then wipe cloth on vertical surfaces to transfer cat’s scents
  • use Feliway diffusers
  • use non-scented cat litter
  • place food bowls OVER areas that have been previously urinated/defecated on

How to clean soiled area

Beware of cleaning products that contain bleach, ammonia, or chlorine.  To the human nose these products smell clean, but to a cat they smell like another cat’s urine.  If these products are used to clean a soiled area the culprit will continue to urinate/defecate over the same area in order to cover up the scent.  The most effective cleaning regimen is to scrub the area with a solution of dish soap or washing powder and water.  There is also a commercial product called Nature’s Miracle that we recommend.  After the area is completely dry, spray it with isopropyl alcohol.  Ensure the entire area is dry before allowing the cat to have access to it again.