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We will groom pets that need to be sedated in order to be shaved down or for medical purposes. We do not have a professional groomer on staff. We can refer you to local groomers by calling our office.
No, we do not kennel pets. However, once again, we can refer you to kennels in the area.
If you walk-in with your pet we will not turn you away. However, we do prefer that you call and schedule an appointment.
Yes, we have a doctor on call 24/7. If you call (765) 468-3205 you will get a message instructing you on how to reach our doctor on call.
No, we specialize in felines, canines, and large animals. If it is a minor issue we may be able to help, but your best bet will be to take your pet to a veterinarian that specializes in exotic animals.
No, we do not do any equine work. If you call the office we can refer you to area veterinarians that do work with horses.